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Glendale Internal Medicine and Cardiology / Glendale Heart Institute was established in 1976 to provide cardiologic care to Glendale and the surrounding areas. At the Glendale Heart Institute our Cardiologist endeavor in to provide adult patients with unsurpassed, state of the art medical care with an emphasis on both prevention and interventional cardiology. It is our goal to keep the heart fit. It is our goal to control your risk factors for coronary artery disease and give you the tools to make lifestyle changes where necessary. We offer a board certified team of Cardiologists to provide you personalized care.

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  • Terry K
    I want to express my sincere appreciation for the professional care that Dr Aleman has given to my parents Samuel and Victoria . . I have known Dr. Aleman for 27 years. Thank you Dr. Aleman and your staff for caring all these years . My parents have had a lot of confidence in you !!! Thank you for being so compassionate !" My parents owe there life to you ! Terry K .
    Terry K
  •  Ed A.
    I've been seen by many cardiologists over the years since I had 3 stents put in at White Memorial Hospital and I will say this.... Dr. Rafie knows his stuff. I'm very thankful to this doctor and his nurse for their professionalism and kindness.

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